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In North Carolina, homeschoolers are required to test their students once each year. Here is some general information about testing in NC. Please contact us if you have other questions and we'd be happy to help out.

When is the best time to test?

Any test given between July 1 and June 30 fulfills NC testing requirements for that academic year. It is NOT necessary to finish the curriculum before you test; the test scores take mid-year dates into consideration:

  • Test in the late summer when deciding which levels to use for the year.
  • Test in the fall or early winter when the schedule is less hectic and to do a mid-year check or realignment.
  • Test in the spring or late summer to evaluate the year’s achievements.
More important than when you test is to test at a consistent time year to year so you can monitor changes over time.

What is the best test to give?

There are several tests that meet the NCDNPE's regulations. As long as the test is a "nationally standardized achievement test" it meets the legal requirements. A few of the tests that meet those requirements are:

  • Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test
  • Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
  • California Achievement Test (CAT-5)

Other tests also meet the definitions. Note that the End-of-Grade tests (EOGs) given in public schools are not nationally standardized and therefore do not count.

What is the Woodcock-Johnson Achievement Test?

The Woodcock-Johnson® III Normative Update (WJ III® NU) is an individualized, academic achievement test approved by the NC Division of Non-Public Education to meet the annual testing requirements for homeschool students.

The test:

  • Is administered by an experienced testing consultant.
  • Takes less than 2 hours.
  • Involves both oral and written components (no bubble sheets).
The results:
  • Are available immediately in written form and with a verbal explanation of the scores by the test administrator.
  • Provide grade equivalency (GE) scores reflecting the actual level of difficulty the student can perform.
  • Provide a Relative Mastery Index that predicts the student’s success with grade level material.
Using these two measures, the parent can select curriculum level as well as determine which areas are accelerated or delayed.

By comparison, multiple choice, grade-specific tests (like the CAT-5 and IOWA) are composed of items within a limited range of difficulty. The GE score reflects accuracy on specific grade material rather than overall achievement level.


This test is ideal for these situations:

  • The child’s other test scores are extremely high or low for grade level or they do not reflect true performance.
  • The child is very young, his/her attention wanders or s/he has trouble with timed tests.
  • The child is reading very well or very poorly for his/her age/grade.
  • The parents feel the need for outside input regarding their child’s achievement level and/or curriculum choices.
  • The parents prefer to get test scores immediately and have them explained thoroughly

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Other Testing Services

If there are special circumstances, we can test at your location.

We also do group testing.

And, if you need a speaker for your homeschool support group, let us know.

BRIGANCE® Comprehensive Inventory of Basic Skills–Revised (CIBS–R)

One area we're currently exploring is the Brigance test (click here for more information). If you would find this helpful for your child, please let us know.