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In addition to testing, we provide individual, focused consultations – your own private workshop tailored to your specific needs.

For beginning homeschoolers we can talk through various aspects including different types of curriculum, how to plan out the year to develop daily action plans, and ideas for working with different learning styles.

For those whose children are facing the high school years (both new and experienced homeschoolers) we can walk parents through how to plan for and navigate the college admissions process, access dual enrollment, set up record keeping for transcripts, and select appropriate courses and curriculum.

For those parents who have been homeschooling but have “hit a wall,” either with the type of curriculum being used or in a specific aspect of their homeschooling situation, we can talk through different options and various ideas for shifting course to get past the obstacle.

Overall, we can address a wide range of curriculum, learning style issues, and organizational topics.

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Specific Topics

The following are a list of topics that we've worked with. If you have some other topic you would like to talk with us about, we'd be happy to do that as well:

My son is having a hard time learning math facts. What can I do?

How do I figure out what classes we need for my daughter to get into a college science program?

I just pulled my son from school and I don't have a clue how to figure out what type of curriculum will work.

I've read all the books but how do I really develop a realistic day-to-day plan?